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Why Form Is Important

When it comes to working out, focus on quality more than quantity. The way you lift, run, or jump may have the difference between going harder and getting sidelined. If one is new to a certain exercise, they should devote time to learning the proper form, or have a Personal Trainer there to watch their form. Having someone professional to watch your form can allow you to be more aware of the subtle mistakes you are making. Perfecting your form not only boosts your performance but also conserves energy and reduces injuries over time.

Reduces Likelihood of Injury

Having a proper form can prevent injuries and accidents in the gym and when performing any daily activities. It can be standing properly on a crowded bus, lifting a heavy box without back pain, or pushing your toddler’s stroller up a big hill will all come easier if you engage in the right technique.

A poor form places unnecessary stress on your muscles, tendons and ligaments that would potentially lead to sprains or strains. A good form avoids any overcompensation and the potentiality of causing an injury. Whenever you begin a new type of workout, focus on mastering that form and technique before working toward your results-based goals.

Improved Efficiency

Maintaining a proper form not only helps one to avoid injury - it actually helps to make the workout itself feel easier. Without a proper form, your body will be wasting energy on the wrong movements affecting your overall performance. Forcing your body to work harder and getting tired more quickly. But when one engages in proper form, you will be able to work out more efficiently and go for that extra repetition.

Personal Training

Targets The Right Muscles

If you are hoping to build muscle mass in a certain area, you will likely find increased success from engaging in proper form. This is because when you exercise in the proper form, you are targeting and activating the right muscles, and through that, you will see better growth and results in the engaged muscles.

Better Breath Control

Engaging in the right breathing techniques can help individuals build strength by promoting better stamina and endurance. Better breath control in exercising also improves one's oxygen flow, allowing for an efficient and effective post-workout recovery. Individuals that do not engage in proper form tend to find their breath out of control during their workout and unable to perform at their best.


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