Reiki Treatment


With our certified & experienced practitioners, we will assess and diagnose the cause of your pain and/or discomfort, and finding the appropriate way to alleviate it while preventing any reoccurrence from happening.

Every session with us will be tailored based on the root cause of your pain and/or discomfort and offering the solution that optimizes rehabilitation and your recovery. Our team will provide the appropriate rehabilitation process needed during your time with us, to support you throughout your recovery.

Chiropractic Treatment


Is sports therapy suitable for anyone?

Yes, it is not limited to individuals with sports injuries.
Through the therapy, we help to ease and relief any strains that are in your body.
It also helps to prevent any potential injuries or muscle strains, especially for active individuals.

I just had an injury, when would be good to start a session?

For any recent injuries, we would recommend visiting us for a session at least 1 to 2 weeks after. There will also be an assessment during the first session, to ensure that your body is ready for the therapy.

I have been having recurring soreness, would sports therapy help?

We recommend coming for the first session to have our practitioner run through an assessment. From there we can advise how the therapy is able to ease the recurring soreness.


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